Danger in Disney?

by NeW Staff on August 25, 2009 · 0 comments

So, let’s face it, at some point in our lives, we’ve all dreamed about being a Disney princess. Whether it was watching Beauty and the Beast over and over again or dressing up as Snow White for Halloween, we’ve all been there. There is something incredibly infectious about they way that Disney has been able to market itself to young girls and capture their attention.

Seems innocent, right? Crowns, dresses, and pearls all appear to be wholesome entertainment for young girls. But is this where Disney is going these days?

Rebecca Hagelin, author and leader in the pro-family movement, remembers those Disney dreams, too; however, her memories have faded.  She wrote a column today exposing just what lessons Disney is teaching young girls. She writes,

"Disney has deliberately and successfully transformed its brand from one of innocence and family entertainment, to a purveyor of promiscuity.”

So, what exactly are they doing and why should we be concerned for this young generation of girls? Hagelin goes onto explain,

"A recent case in point is Disney star Miley Cyrus. Once again, Disney created a young, innocent heroine and then morphed her into a tramp...after Miley's now infamous pole dancing routine before a nation of teeny-boppers.”

What can we do to stop this trend from pervading our culture more deeply and affecting the lives of young girls? We need to heed these warnings and advice from advocates like Rebecca Hagelin and work to promote positive messages for the nation’s youth to follow. She closes with this,

"Don't let your children become enamored by any media star. Teach them that pop stars are packaged products subject to manipulation by crass marketers.”

As young college-age women, we have a great opportunity to set an example for the next generation of women to follow. By being bold in our convictions, cautious in our actions, thoughtful in our remarks, and firm in our values, the women of NeW can make a difference for the nation’s youth.

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