Daily Caller: The State of American Men

by Elizabeth on March 29, 2011 · 4 comments

If you watched The Bachelor this season, or any season for that manner, you may have seen a growing trend....men that just took a long time to grow up. Karin Agness posted a column in the Daily Caller today about this growing cultural problem. Check it out!
Brad is the epitome of a cultural problem plaguing America: guys who won’t grow up.
It would be difficult to be more of a bachelor cliché than Brad. He owns a bar in a college town and is a self-described fitness freak who lives in a loft-style condo and buys a bottle of champagne when he has a woman over. His chosen lifestyle was once reserved for college boys — full of drinking, women, tempers and irresponsible behavior. Today, many may expect this type of bachelorhood to spill into the early 20s, but Brad is 38. His bachelor lifestyle, however, didn’t seem to raise red flags for The Bachelor contestants, regardless of their age.
Brad hasn’t grown up. He’s used to living alone, without the responsibility of providing for others. During the show, his family nonchalantly said he was finally ready for a family of his own, as if it wasn’t unusual for someone to take 38 years to reach that point. And, sadly, today it’s not unusual. One of the most damaging legacies of the second wave feminist movement is that it taught a generation that independence, a life comprised solely of the individual, is one of the greatest goods. Brad has achieved independence, but has realized that he doesn’t just want independence, he wants a wife. The challenge now is finding a partner compatible with the self-centered lifestyle to which he has grown accustomed. The NeW Gentlemen’s Showcase is a positive way to motivate boys to grow into gentlemen and to foster mutual respect between the sexes. Brad and countless other guys would have benefited from such encouragement. Our society needs to find other creative ways to change cultural expectations and create a healthier climate for relationships and family. NeW’s initiative is one step in helping college guys move away from boyhood toward manhood, so that we will ultimately have more men and fewer Brads.
What do you think? Do you know any 'immature men' who want to grow up but are having a hard time doing so?

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Bob March 29, 2011 at 10:11 pm

After reading Karin Agness’s “America Needs More Men and Fewer Brads”, I have concluded that Karin Agness needs a cure for her anal-cranial inversion syndrome.

Brad has not “grown up”? Really? Even Agness acknowledges that Brad, “…owns a bar in a college town and is a self-described fitness freak who lives in a loft-style condo…”. So we have a man who owns his own business, meaning that he’s responsible for the livelihood of his employees. We have a man who appears to be quite health-conscious. Maybe he owns the condo, though Agness doesn’t say. In short, he sounds pretty grown-up to me.

So what is it about Brad that triggers the insults (“Immature Man”) and shaming language? It’s very simple, really. Brad’s purpose in life is not to support some woman. He lives for himself. That’s it. So far as we know, he has never committed genocide or burned down a church. He simply makes his own living and his own life, without taking from anyone. Given the atmosphere for men today, it’s a wonder that any man will walk the Green Mile down the wedding aisle. Why should Brad be any different?

At the end, we get another yet another plug for the NeW Gentlemen’s Showcase., which is supposed to be, “…a positive way to motivate boys to grow into gentlemen and to foster mutual respect between the sexes.” What do you do to promote a positive way to motivate girls to grow into ladies and to foster mutual respect between the sexes. Or, is today’s woman perfect as she is right now and thus needs to make no changes of any kind?

Do you really want “…more men and fewer Brads.”? If you do, then your initiative must help college girls girls move from girlhood to womanhood. Focusing solely on how men must change while still indulging your preference for douchebags and a-holes will blow up in your faces.


Kevin March 31, 2011 at 1:47 am

If you’re taking your cues from TV, you have no hope of learning anything.


piggypigpig April 8, 2011 at 11:17 am

This guy runs is own business and apparently gets the bills paid… just because he parties like a college guy doesn’t mean he deserves the insults. I wouldn’t choose that type of life but it’s not my choice. An immature man in my mind is a man who spends (WASTES) his time playing video games and smoking/drinking instead of getting a real job and paying the bills. An immature man expects someone else to take care of him and to bail him out after he’s squandered his paycheck on stupid crap instead of paying bills and putting gas in his car. An immature man looks for handouts from those who actually have their sh!t together instead of taking a few moments to sit down and figure out what they need to do to become someone who has his sh!t together. An immature man can’t even support himself. An immature man has plenty of excuses but no solutions for his situation.


CA June 10, 2011 at 1:22 pm

Once again, what’s perceived as a man not taking responsibility is somehow the fault of the feminist movement. Perhaps giving self-accountability to the individual is not such a bad thing … which way does Karin Agness want it??


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