Creating Your Own Summer Reading Vacation

by Karin on July 12, 2011 · 2 comments

Remember summer reading programs?  I read an article today about an unusual type of summer vacation, a reading retreat.  This reminded me of summer reading programs (although without the toy prizes).  Sometimes it is easy to forget the simple pleasure of reading a book uninterrupted cover to cover.  To fix that, why not plan a reading retreat?  The author writes:
So why not plan a vacation devoted exclusively to reading? Twice annually, Bill Gates schedules a week-long "reading retreat" during which he does nothing but pore over the books and papers he's set aside during the year. He's not alone: The idea seems particularly popular in the UK, where you can sign up at London's School of Life to receive a customized book list (they have "bibliotherapists" on staff to compile one based on a telephone consultation) and lodging in one of several modern country houses. The website promises "the perfect combination of great books and great architecture."
If any NeW blog readers are still trying to plan a summer vacation, a reading retreat might be a relaxing vacation that would not take long to organize.  The NeW Book List is available online.  Happy reading!

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Kara July 18, 2011 at 1:57 pm

Sounds like bliss to me.


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