Conservatives Gone Wild?

by Danelle on February 24, 2012 · 2 comments

OSU NeW Ladies at the Dessert Party.

I enjoyed CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) this year, and seeing all the great speakers, being surrounded by my political friends, and meeting NeW ladies across the nation at the NeW Dessert Party was a delight. However, since I began attending CPAC in 2009, I have noticed many changes in the type of people who go to this conservative gathering in addition to how they act, what they wear, and how they view the purpose of the conference. Naturally, the idea behind the conference is to bring conservatives together, talk politics, network, and become even more educated on the issues. Unfortunately, that “good, clean fun” is the tip of the iceberg and the night time activities lie underneath more prevalently. These include wearing risqué clothing, going out to bars, drinking to excess, and perhaps even hooking-up. In other words, CPAC has gone wild. When I first went to CPAC, these late-night activities were fairly separate from the conference itself, but this year, I noticed the attitudes brought about by these behaviors spilled over into the actual conference and extended to age groups 18-35 yrs. What is even more interesting is that I am not the only one to notice. Erick Erickson of Red State and Dr. Melissa Clouthier of Melissa both observed this “Jersey Shore-ification” of CPAC.

Jersey Shore-ification?

Walking around the conference, it appeared that girls no longer knew how to dress professionally. Instead, they wore stiletto heels, short skirts and low-cut shirts they dubbed “business dress” as if the only requirement for that was a suit jacket and string of pearls. Their behavior matched their dress during and after the conference. Not only did I see a large number of girls flaunting themselves at the conference, but for post-conference festivities, I spotted many staggering back to a room with a guy. I thought this was a gathering for conservatives? I think some have forgotten what that means. And guys do not go without blame either. Take a look at Erickson’s fiery attack on men attending CPAC. Going along with that, I do not know if it was just me, but I felt many lingering stares at the conference, men randomly approaching me and other girls (we were dressed professionally) asking what we were doing that night, and wondering if we could “hang” after the conference in their rooms. Now, I realize this is a conference where it is exciting for guys to find girls that think the same way, but if we are to really call ourselves conservatives, then we are not the type to randomly hook-up, and the guys should not be the ones to pursue that expectation. Why do they? Well, girls in our generation, (18-35 yrs) let them. What I saw at CPAC this year tells me that hook-ups and less than classy behavior has indeed spilled over into the conservative faction. No longer are most women who identify as conservative, opposed to hook-ups or dressing in a risqué fashion. Personally, I think NeW ladies do not fall into this “conservatives gone wild” group. We are strong in our convictions for female empowerment through knowledge; avoiding hook-ups; having healthy relationships with gentlemen who treat us right; and most importantly, standing firm by our conservative values. This is why I am so glad to see NeW growing as a movement along with the Gentleman's Showcase. In a few CPACs, I think our NeW way of thinking will dominate the conference, leaving hook-ups and trashy dress for a Jersey Shore conference. Did anyone else notice the behavior I described at the conference? Let me know what you think in the comments section.

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Josh February 27, 2012 at 4:50 pm

Terrific article, Danelle. Key point, in my view: “Why do they? Well, girls in our generation, (18-35 yrs) let them.”

Or as Rousseau wrote in his Second Discourse: “What barbaric man would not listen to the voice of honor and reason from a gentle woman?”

Of course, modern feminists decided that it was inherently “sexist” for women to exercise power over men by virtue of their differences. Rather, they decided, women must influence men only by behaving like men themselves. The horrific consequences of this error have been borne by both women and men alike. Both sexes now feel as if they must deal cheaply with each other while paying lip service to a respect that no longer exists.


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