Conservative Women Weigh in on the Life of Senator Kennedy

by NeW Staff on August 28, 2009 · 0 comments

On Wednesday, Senator Ted Kennedy passed away after battling a brain tumor. Kennedy was a force in the Senate and came from a family with long lines of liberal power.

He had been praised for championing the cause of women; however, this week, conservative female leaders say he did just the opposite.

In a Townhall column, author Jillian Bandes cited several leading conservative women in discussing Kennedy’s treatment of women. Bandes quotes Carrie Lukas, a Vice President of the Independent Women’s Forum:

"Liberal feminists had a willful blind spot when it came to Ted Kennedy’s personal failings with women – failings that would have drawn strong condemnation for most politicians. But Kennedy was an effective champion of left-wing causes, so all was forgiven."

From Senator Kennedy's actions, what view of women do you believe he had? 

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