Conservative Women Count

by Karin on August 21, 2013 · 0 comments

"When Women Vote, Democrats Win."  Did you hear about this sign seen hanging in Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's office?  I have an op-ed in the Boston Herald, Conservative women count, arguing that the women's vote is more complicated.
While it’s true that President Barack Obama won the majority of women in the last two presidential elections and some commentators claim women are a lost cause for Republicans, the good news for Republicans and conservatives is that the story is more complicated. Women are not just one unified liberal voting bloc. With some targeted effort, Republicans and conservatives can win over more women. This summer, American Viewpoint, a public opinion research firm, released a report segmenting women into 11
typologies: The Disenchanted, Medicare Women, Married Homemakers, Baby Boomers, Wal-Mart Women, Generation X, Suburban Women, Social Media Mavens, Single Professionals, Married Moderates, and Millennials. Who had the most favorable view of Democrats? Millennials (55 percent to 38 percent), Social Media Mavens (52 percent to 37 percent) and Suburban Women (50 percent to 42 percent). None of the 11 groups, however, even those most supportive of Democrats, saw the country as on the right track.
How do you think conservatives can reach more women?  

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