Conference Countdown: 4 More Days!

by Sarah on June 21, 2011 · 0 comments

Today is the last official day to register for both the National Conference on June 24 and the Night to Network Reception on June 23. What are you waiting for?! Don't delay and miss out on a fun, educational, and enlightening program.  Click here for more details about both events and to register before it's too late!

We're continuing our look at National Conference's keynote speaker Kate O'Beirne's book Women Who Make the World Worse. Today's quote deals with gender inequality:
Flying under the false flag of “equal pay for equal work” and fueled by their persecution fantasies , modern feminists have been successfully advancing an agenda that demands radical social engineering to eliminate any differences between the sexes.  They insist that any sex differences are the result of social construction-not biology-so they will deconstruct society.  So little boys hop on the school bus each morning to head to reeducation classes where their pathology will be treated. (page 17)
Kate O'Beirne does not mince words. She is calling attention to the fact that while the sexes are in fact different, radical feminists seek to ignore any distinctions in thought, actions and word between men and women.  This in turn leads to neither gender realizing their full potential. What do you think? Should gender equality mean gender sameness? What are the repercussions to forcing both sexes to behave in a manner that is foreign to both?

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