Conference Countdown: 2 Days

by NeW Staff on June 25, 2008 · 0 comments

We have over 50 women registered for the Conference from colleges and universities all across the nation--Princeton, Dartmouth, Duke, Georgetown, University of Alabama, University of Florida, University of Virginia, Northwestern University, University of New Mexico, Arizona State University, University of Wyoming and Pepperdine University.  We even some law school students registered!  For more information on attending the Conference, please email Kathleen.

From chapter 6, "About the Political--and the Personal,"

"Women today may be leading more varied lives than they ever were, but our fundamental interests are unchanged.  Those interests are rooted in the roles the vast majority of us eventually assume as wives and mothers, whether we continue to work or not.  These are interests our society once recognized and sought to protect through our legal and social institutions.  The women's movement attempted to replace women's natural alliance with each other--one that was based upon the defense of marriage and the family by law and custom--with a new "sisterhood" based upon women as a political class in opposition to men.  To a great extent, the feminists succeeded.  Women are more independent of men than ever.  But for that independence, we have paid a heavy price.  We receive more respect at the office but less respect as mothers.  We lead more emancipated sex lives, but we have sacrificed male deference and commitment.  We have more control over our professional lives, but we enjoy much less satisfaction in our personal lives." (p. 174)

Any thoughts?

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