Chivalry: Sinking Like a Ship?

by Danelle on January 20, 2012 · 6 comments

Most people know the tragic tale of the Titanic, and one part in the movie and true story always struck me as a NeW lady: “Women and children first.” Flash-forward 100 years later to the sinking Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia, and you find: “Everyone for themselves,” or as National Review author Rich Lowry coined, “Dude, where’s my lifeboat?” This is why:
An Australian mother and her young daughter have described being pushed aside by hysterical men as they tried to board lifeboats. Another woman passenger agreed, “There were big men, crew members, pushing their way past us to get into the lifeboats.” Yet another, a grandmother, complained, “I was standing by the lifeboats and men, big men, were banging into me and knocking the girls.”
We all know society has changed since 1912, however it is no less alarming to find out that the majority of men on Costa Concordia had absolutely no sense of chivalry, duty, or in the very least concern for others in danger around them. Rich Lowry explains:
Guys aboard the Costa Concordia apparently made sure the age of chivalry was good and dead by pushing it over and trampling on it in their heedless rush for the exits. The grounded cruise ship has its heroes, of course, just as the Titanic had its cowards. But the discipline of the Titanic’s crew and the self-enforced chivalric ethic that prevailed among its men largely trumped the natural urge toward panicked self-preservation.
I do not agree that chivalry is “good and dead,” but I do believe NeW and the rest of us can do something to change the current theme of “Dude, where’s my lifeboat.” We actually have been taking action. See the Gentleman’s Showcase here. But I know what some readers will think about the events that occurred on the Italian cruise ship: Chivalry being dead (or taking its last breath) is a good thing because it shows that we are treating everyone equal. Not at all. Chivalry is not about superiority or inferiority, and it does not trample equality. Chivalry is on a completely different level – acting out of concern and respect for those who you believe should be respected. Even biologically and anthropologically, the male traditionally acts on behalf of the female because she is important – perhaps more important than himself.  Being a gentleman is a selfless and natural way of life, not one that diminishes women or elevates men. Unfortunately, this natural state has been pushed out of our society. Men are bickered at if they try to open the door for a lady with lines such as “I can do it myself!” or faced with women who try to blend in with men by drinking to excess, cussing, and hooking-up. With this mentality being reinforced over generations by radical feminists, it is no surprise that most men on Costa Concordia ignored women. But there is hope. With NeW’s Gentlemen’s Showcase or even just regular women thanking a man for opening a door, we can revitalize chivalry and respect in society. What did you think of the Italian cruise ship tragedy? Has chivalry sunk? Or can we save the sinking ship? Post your thoughts in the comments section!

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Dave January 30, 2012 at 2:13 pm

Chivalry is dead depending on what culture you are in. In Europe it appears to be dead. In American culture maybe not because I have yet to meet a woman who whines ‘” i can get it myself” if I open the door for her. My reply to such an event would be “Gloria Steinem’s philosophical offspring. It’s nice to meet you.”

But if you think of it in the context that married adults are only 51% of the adult population, it’s going in that direction.


Ben March 1, 2012 at 5:34 pm


The ship HAS to sink in order to reconcile any flaws that may come out of it.

And, as I said before the momentum has gathered too strong so it serves no purpose.

When a real “Costa Concordia (a.k.a. ‘big bad crisis’)” happens on a grander scale it will remind people as exactly why such mores where implemented over thousands of years. It will be bad and cause a major decline but necessarily for true cultural change to happen. The Costa Concrodias serves as reminders of can and will happen.

Putting women as equals too men will lower a society’s chance of survival ten fold. What that mean in this case, women were given 1st class treatment in life and death situations for very real and legitimate reasons. A society depends on its women to produce the next generation; period. As much flak as feminist would accuse me of reducing women, the primary function of women is to product children. Men contribute to such by providing sperm; however, it is the women that labors most of it. And besides, how exactly it reduces women is completely ignorant and distortion of reality, as this “reduction” means that men are the ones who die and women live due to the idea that women are physically weaker (which is true and back by scientific data). If women were being “reduced” I would imagine that regardless of such weaknesses women would still die first because their lives are worth less and cast aside.

In most societies behavior has evolved over thousands of years, reinforced by society, to provide and evolutionary edge. Any society that did treat men and women as equals (i.e. women fighting in wars, domestic problems, etc) would die out. Because women aren’t biologically suited for such roles. If women fought in war, for example, that would mean more women would die, which means less children. Less children means the less the next generation has too offer (not to mention women run the risk of being captured and then produce children for another society).

The ignorance of Feminism is astounding. It claims that societies that had such roles are delusional without ever thinking once about the implications of such roles and why they are there in the first place. We are talking about thousands of years here–not just forty years or something trivial. Changes are necessarily for a society to survive (adaptation); however, this is a complete reversal of what has been going on for thousands of years.

If not heading it in its entirety, one should at least understand the wisdom behind such phenomena. Learning and understanding history generates wisdom, whereas ignoring it generates fools.

History–time–is the true judge that we must all adhere by; regardless of our ideology.

And history is NOT forgiving.


drunicusrex May 31, 2013 at 1:48 pm

Chivalry is dead because, like masculinity (and the self-sacrifices of the men on the Titanic is a high example of masculinity) it is no longer rewarded.
Men are no longer offered respect, nor esteem, nor anything from our society other than scorn.
Both feminists and “traditional women” seem inexplicably to miss this.
You can hardly expect a man to act heroically, when he’s treated with derision. No one wishes to be a sucker.


Eric J Schlegel October 6, 2013 at 11:11 am

Just interpose “Men” with “Black People”, “Women” with “Whites” and “Gentlemen” with “Nigger”. Go ahead, give it a try…


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