Child-Man In The Promised Land – Chapter 4 of “Manning Up”

by Catherine on October 24, 2011 · 1 comment

Post image for Child-Man In The Promised Land – Chapter 4 of “Manning Up” We all know America is "sex-ridden." It's everwhere. Sex sells- sadly. In Chapter 4 of Manning Up, Hymowitz fixes her whole focus on the industry of pornography and the readership of Maxim, Esquire, and Playboy. She says what we all know, that most single young men want sex, video-games, and freedom from responsibility. I wish she knew the men in my life - it would give her hope that not all SYM (single young males) are chauvinist sex-mongers; in fact, the men in my life would show her that there are heroes among us. Unfortunately, however, Hymowitz fails to tie up her observations into any tight suggestions. Instead, she fixates on the problem, as if, just looking at the problem under the microscope will somehow scare it into a solution. Instead of the problem getting fixed, what happens is that the reader becomes so repulsed by the problem that they just want to give up thinking that no solution or antidote can be found. Hymowitz would better serve her readers by suggesting a solution to her problem. I am hoping she does in the final chapter. In case she doesn't do you have any suggestions about how to "fix" the problem of the "child-man" (i.e. the single young man who wants sex, video-games, and freedom from responsibility), do you have any thoughts about how to encourage boys to become men we can respect and love? I can't say for sure, but it might start with keeping our skirts down and our chin up, like one author, Jordan Christy says.

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kristina b November 2, 2011 at 11:11 am

Maybe if women as a group changed, men as a group would change. Maybe if men knew they could trust us, that we would encourage them, that we would admire them if they did well, then they would have more incentive to actually try. As it is, it seems like feminists attack men whether they try and do well or don’t try and do nothing, which has to be motivation-draining.

An interesting bit of trivia I learned recently is that the majority of divorces are initiated by women (among college-educated couples, the percentage is as high as 90%, but even just considering all divorces as a whole the percentage initiated by women is around 65%), and women tend to get the better financial and familial deal out of it because of the skew in divorce laws. With that being the case, why would a man want to “man up”, get married, and take responsibility for a family? It’s a pretty big risk to take.

Anyway, all of that is to say that while I agree that men are shirking responsibility as a general group, I don’t think women are any better, and that maybe if we as women encouraged our sisters to be responsible, loyal, and trustworthy, men would take note and strive to do the same.


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