Chapter 6: Believing Lies

by Stephanie on March 13, 2012 · 0 comments

Our society is so inculcated by feminist lies that even conservatives unknowingly accede to them. Mrs. Venker and Schlafly reveal three feminist fallacies in Chapter 6 of The Flipside of Feminism. #1 - No matter how good it is, day care is not healthful for young children. Award-winning psychiatrist John Bowlby is quoted in the book:
A home must be very bad before it is bettered by a good institution.
For feminists to achieve their goal of state dependence, they must get mothers into the work place, and children in government day care. #2 - The pay gap is a myth. Women who work full time and do not have children make about the same as men. It is inaccurate to compare the average pay scale between all men and women because women, statistically speaking, do not work in high-risk, unpleasant, and dangerous jobs, and in general, do not prefer sacrificing their family time to commit the long and arduous work of reaching the CEO's office. #3 - The left does not support marriage and creates policies that erode its foundation. For instance, there is a $2,000 marriage penalty embedded in ObamaCare for cohabitating couples who decide to marry. Removing husbands and fathers from the picture allows big government to play the role of protector and provider, giving the left a huge block of thankful voters. But, the Obama administration doesn't care about women, as they proved last week with their defunding of health services for impoverished Texas women, including screenings for breast and cervical cancer, hypertension and diabetes, STD testing and family planning services. The program was defunded because Gov. Perry refused to allocate state dollars to Planned Parenthood. Ultimately, it's not about empowering women and improving their lives, it's all about government control. Tune in next week for Chapter 7: The Expendable Male.

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