Chapter 5 of the Online Book Club this Week!

by Diana Stancy on July 7, 2014 · 0 comments

This week, the Online Book Club will be discussing Chapter 5 of Deborah Tannen’s book, Talking from 9 to 5, “The Glass Ceiling.” Despite the fact that more women are entering the workforce, they appear to reach a limit as their careers progress. This is referred to as a glass ceiling. What is causing women to be held back? Tannen attributes this occurrence to several observations, including the fact that men are more likely to have lunch with their bosses than women are. Additionally, men typically promote their work in order to receive proper recognition, whereas women hold back to preserve a humble image. Furthermore, Tannen cites the importance of the way others speak to an individual. If one is spoken to in a manner that suggests he or she is being lectured to, others who overhear may perceive the individual as less competent. Overall, Tannen advises young professionals to establish lasting connections with their bosses so that their full potential and abilities are recognized. Happy reading!

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