Chapter 10: Rape Research

by NeW Staff on March 23, 2009 · 0 comments

Rape is a crime. It is a horrible act of violence against a person. In her book Who Stole Feminism?, Christina Hoff Sommers addresses the varying rape statistics that are in circulation. She warns against blindly believing in all the statistics out there. Unfortunately, gender feminists seem to exaggerate these statistics to promote their agenda - which is to brainwash society into believing that every man is a potential rapist and every women is a potential victim.

"Equity feminists find it reasonable to approach the problem of violence against women by addressing the root causes of the general rise in violence and the decline in civility . . . Rape is perpetrated by criminals, which is to say, it is perpetrated by people who are wont to gratify themselves in criminal ways and who care very little about the suffering they inflict on others."

"The real challenge we face in our society is how to reverse the tide of violence. How to achieve this is a true challenge to our moral indignation. It is clear that we must learn more about why so many of our male children are so violent. And it is clear we must find ways to educate all of our children to regard violence with abhorrence and contempt. We must one again teach decency and considerateness. And this, too, must become clear: in an constructive agenda for the future, the gender feminist's divisive social philosophy has no place."

How do you think we can reverse the tide of violence , verbal and physical, in America today?

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