Can iPhones Help Men with Women?

by NeW Staff on October 14, 2009 · 0 comments

Much controversy has arisen over iPhone's latest application: a handy-dandy tool to help men pick up women. How does it work? Well, it's simple, really...

"The application lets users select from stereotypes of women, like the "foreign exchange student" or 'nerd' or 'cougar.' Then it offers possible pickup lines like, 'Wasn't I in Space Academy with you?' for the nerd.

But, wait there's more. Not only can this application help guys with pickup lines, but it also can help boost egos. The application allows men to post their successes on Facebook and Twitter:

"The app then lets users add women — along with name, date of the conquest and comments — to the user's 'brag list,' which can be shared online."
Many are upset because the application seems to objectify and stereotype women. PepsiCo, the corporation responsible for the application, issued an apology recently for the implications of this new "pickup assistant."

Of course, if a man really used the application to pick up women, then this would be classified as stereotyping. But would a guy seriously whip out his iPhone every time he met a new gal, type in "career woman" and then respond, "Didn't I meet you in the CEO's office earlier today?" I certainly hope men today wouldn't seriously rely on such a tool to attract women.

But the real question remains, what does this say about the current status of male and female relationships in American society? Have they been so marginalized that men can joke about using an iPhone to secure a hot date and then tweet about it later that night? This is yet another effect of the word "casual" being played out in our dating culture.

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