Can Good Girls Be on TV?

by NeW Staff on October 4, 2010 · 0 comments

I recently came across the video below thanks to my sister, and it made me wonder: Can good girls be on TV?

Here’s a link to the video. "The Girls with Glasses: Train Wrecks and Cat Fights"

Summer and Brooke are two genuinely nice, conservative girls – in the traditional sense of the word – who have “how to” videos on packing suitcases, interviews with eyewear companies, and shout-outs to headband designers. This video, however, shows that compared to what is on TV now, the girls’ show would not make the cut. Why?

For one, as the TV producers say, the girls do not have “cat-fights,” or “train wrecks.” These producers are referring to current popular shows like “Jersey Shore,” "Gossip Girls," etc. where girls do not act, dress, or speak in a civilized manner.  With TV nowadays being loaded with crass, inane drama, is there room for an educational and charming show with girls?

The growing amount of women involved in the NeW movement has shown me that there is in fact a place on TV for a show like “Girls with Glasses,” and I think that in time, engaging and good-natured shows would outshine vulgar shows like “Jersey Shore.”

What are your thoughts? Would you watch a show like “The Girls with Glasses?”

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