Campus Newspaper Apologizes

by NeW Staff on January 26, 2010 · 0 comments

One letter from the president of the university and more than three letters to the editor later, the UF campus newspaper issued an apology, sort of. Since my last blog post, the independent Florida Alligator published another explicit article and "SexToon."

But this time, the SexToon really offended many people. It was a graphic cartoon of a couple texting in Haitian relief donations while having sex. This time letters to the editor, a letter from UF's president, and a call from the American Red Cross all prompted the editorial board to think twice about what they published.

An editorial was published stating "the cartoon was not malicious and offense was never our intention." But the "apology" ended with a bang, saying, "And college students have sex — not all of them, but a lot of them. You may not agree with it, and you may not participate, but it happens. So if we want to publish a sexToon in the entertainment section, we will." It sounds like they were sorry that people took offense, not sorry about publishing soft porn.

The local area paper, the Gainesville Sun, published a story about the response to the SexToon this morning in which NeW (and this blog) was quoted:

"The feature previously received criticism from Rachel Kopec, president of UF's chapter of the Network of Enlightened Women. In a blog for the national organization, a group of conservative women, she took issue with the cartoon and a column defending cheating as 'a necessary evil.'"

"This is exactly why our organization exists," Kopec said in explaining her reaction. We think that the majority of women on campus don't agree with the SexToon and the sex column."

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