Campaigning for the Youth Vote

by NeW Staff on October 31, 2008 · 0 comments

During the Republican primary, Gov. Romney's sons blogged about the campaign.  During the Democratic primary, Chelsea Clinton campaigned for her mother among college students.  During the general election, Meghan McCain has been the child of a candidate who has campaigned the most for the youth vote.  She has given voters an inside look at the presidential election by blogging at  She is a young woman herself (she just turned 24 years old).  She provides a mix of commentary on politics, fashion and pop culture.  While there is separation between her blog and the McCain campaign, her blog seems to be one of the most successful ways McCain has reached out to young people.  Notably, she had generally stayed away from directly advocating for her dad until recently.   It is refreshing to see her addressing some issues, rather than relying on outreach through concerts, Hollywood celebrities or music videos.

Technology is changing the way that candidates reach out to young people.  We are likely to see more blogs by children of candidates in the future.

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