Bundle Up Ladies!

by NeW Staff on January 6, 2010 · 0 comments

Being a Florida native now living in Kentucky, I have just begun my first winter...with much nervousness and anticipation.  Flip flops, shorts, and sunshine pretty much made up my winter months in Florida.  Not so much here.  Down coats, snow boots, mittens, and scarves are a must before even walking outside.  It's perpetually cold.  But alas, I'm not alone...

Drudge is reporting that the winter of 2010 could be the coldest in 25 years.  So much for global warming, huh?  Today I watched on the news as they reported my hometown of Tampa was experiencing a low of 28...colder than the low in New York City!  So, brace yourselves, this could be a cold winter for all of us--from the North to South and East to West.  

So this winter, as you NeW women from coast to coast head back to school and prepare to advertise on campus, host events, and hold meetings, make sure you are adorned in your proper winter gear!

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