Working For Young Women Report

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The Network of enlightened Women is pleased to partner with the Independent Women’s Forum to offer you a new Working for Young Women Report. This Report offers students a different approach than what they normally hear on campus on everything from higher education reform to economic opportunities. These policies are about returning power to individuals and creating a more flexible, dynamic society. Young women will benefit from learning about conservative solutions to some of today’s toughest public policy questions.

Check out the Report here.


Internship Spotlight: Krista Chavez

NeW is pleased to spotlight one of its former interns in her latest endeavors. Krista Chavez is junior at American University studying Communications, Legal Studies, Economics, and Government. She previously interned with NeW during the summer of 2015 and has continued to take on internship opportunities. Please help us congratulate Krista by reading her Intern Spotlight. […]

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Internship Spotlight: Natasha Tax

Natasha Tax is the NeW Chapter President at Temple University. She is a senior studying Political Science and Spanish. Please help us welcome Natasha to the blog by reading her Internship Spotlight about her summer internship. Where did you intern this summer? Univision at the RNC How did you hear about the internship opportunity? Temple […]

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This week, NeW is launching the #ShesConservative social media campaign as part of a national effort to create a community for young conservative women. The initiative gives women a platform to share their stories of why they are conservative. In a campaign video, the students interviewed mentioned being called, “unintelligent,” “ignorant,” “uneducated,” “anti-women,” “stupid” and “heartless” […]

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Friday Feminist Fail: Feminists Take Over Fraternities

College students are getting ready for rush. For most, that means a few awkward conversations and a little judgment. For many, it means getting to join a social group filled with people they really like. After all, people join them by choice. For students who go to school out of state and don’t know many […]

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Young Professional Spotlight: Claire Healey

Claire grew up in Bethlehem, PA before attending and graduating from Grove City College. While at Grove City, she worked at the school library, as a professor’s assistant, and edited the campus newspaper, The Collegian. Claire interned for The American Spectator during college and then interned at Townhall after graduation before accepting a job at […]

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Friday Feminist Fail: The Roommate Edition

Ahhh, roommates. Love them or hate them, they’re a necessary part of our lives. Whether in college or as a young adult navigating the professional world, chances are that in this economy, it’s going to be a while before you can afford to live on your own. Until then, you better learn how to live […]

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Friday Feminist Fail: Olympic Edition

Go Team USA! I have been excited to get home from work each night to cheer on our Olympic athletes, both male and female. The Olympics this year has upset some feminists. U.S. Olympian Corey Cogdell-Unrein won a medal in trap shooting. I had never heard of her before this and trap shooting isn’t a […]

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Friday Feminist Fail: Smiling In Middle School

Awwww middle school. Tucked in with the happy memories are definitely some awkward memories. I am sure I am not alone. I was curious to read a piece, 9 Things Every Feminist Did In Middle School. The Bustle author writes: If you were anything like I was as a middle school feminist, then you probably got really […]

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The Middle East: “It’s Just Dangerous”

Guest post by NeW Intern, Paige Lisicki David French, a staff writer for National Review, an attorney, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, and co-author of the New York Times bestselling book, Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore, spoke to a packed room about ISIS on July 27, on Capitol Hill. The event, […]

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Carrie Sheffield Enlightens Young Professionals At Summer Brunch With NeW

Guest post by NeW intern, Paige Lisicki NeW hosted its summer brunch with Carrie Sheffield, founder of Bold, on July 30 at Firefly. NeW members and young women in Washington, DC gathered together to mingle and hear from Carrie. Carrie Sheffield discussed why she founded Bold and how Bold combats liberal dominated media. Carrie founded […]

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Gentlemen Showcase Nominee Featured on White House Instagram

Guest Post by NeW Intern, Sydney Berman James Dennehy, one of our Gentleman’s Showcase Nominees, was recently featured on the official Instagram of the White House. James is studying Public Policy at Christopher Newport University and currently interning at the White House. The Gentlemen Showcase is an annual national contest sponsored by the Network of […]

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