Earlier this month, I wrote an article for Time Ideas on the intellectual environment on campus today, Dear Universities: There Should Be No Safe Spaces From Intellectual Thought. Here is the first paragraph:

As the 2014-2015 academic year winds down, the legacy from this year might be a new low standard in intellectual engagement on college campuses. The proliferation of “safe spaces,” “trigger warnings,” and other efforts to protect students from uncomfortable, inconvenient, or new ideas marks an alarming trend.

The current trend in terms of the lack of intellectual diversity and engagement on campus is troubling. If you are unfamiliar, please take a minute to read these two other articles.

Here’s a paragraph from a piece by Kathleen Parker in the Washington Post, Trigger warnings, colleges, and the “Swaddled Generation”:

It seems that mostly conservative sites and writers are concerned with the increasingly draconian suppression of free speech on college campuses. But then, it is mostly conservative writers and speakers who are treated as though they’re bringing the Ebola virus rather than contrarian ideas to the sensitive ears of what we may as well name the “Swaddled Generation.”

Add Peggy Noonan adds her commentary, The Trigger-Happy Generation, in the Wall Street Journal:

There is no such thing as safety. That is asking too much of life. You can’t expect those around you to constantly accommodate your need for safety. That is asking too much of people.

Life gives you potentials for freedom, creativity, achievement, love, all sorts of beautiful things, but none of us are “safe.” And you are especially not safe in an atmosphere of true freedom. People will say and do things that are wrong, stupid, unkind, meant to injure. They’ll bring up subjects you find upsetting. It’s uncomfortable. But isn’t that the price we pay for freedom of speech?

You can ask for courtesy, sensitivity and dignity. You can show others those things, too, as a way of encouraging them. But if you constantly feel anxious and frightened by what you encounter in life, are we sure that means the world must reorder itself? Might it mean you need a lot of therapy?

Masterpieces, by their nature, pierce. They jar and unsettle. If something in a literary masterpiece upsets you, should the masterpiece really be banished? What will you be left with when all of them are gone?

What in your upbringing told you that safety is the highest of values? What told you it is a realistic expectation? Who taught you that you are entitled to it every day? Was your life full of . . . unchecked privilege? Discuss.

We should all be aware of this phenomenon because as Parker quoted Purdue University President Mitch Daniels in her article:

“If universities want to embarrass themselves with their behavior, allowing people to be shouted down or disinvited, that’s their problem. But if they’re spawning a bunch of little authoritarians with an inverted view of our basic freedoms, that’s everybody’s problem.”


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