Baseball and politics

by NeW Staff on July 11, 2008 · 0 comments

Last night, I attended the Nationals baseball game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Politics really does dominate all of Washington.  I wanted to share two experiences.  On my way into the game, I was chased by some young women with buttons reading, "Strike Exxon."  I struck up a conversation with them.  Turns out that the new Nationals stadiums is one of the "most green" stadiums.  These young women were petitioning to prevent the Nationals from selling naming rights to the stadium to Exxon.  The environmentalists are everywhere!  I could have done without that politics.

But, I enjoyed my second political encounter of the evening.  The Nationals mascots are four American Presidents, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.  They even do a race around the stadium during the stretch.  I wanted to share some pics below. 

Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt together.

Since I graduated from Thomas Jefferson's University of Virginia, I had to get my picture with Mr. Jefferson.

Lincoln with some kids at the game.

One of my favorite pictures from the evening.   Washington was talking to a bunch of kids and this guy came out of nowhere, whispered something to Washington and then led him away.  Even the mascots have handlers in Washington.

Notice where Roosevelt likes to hang out--by the beer stand.  This picture might explain why Roosevelt has never won the presidential race around the ballpark. 

The field.  Too bad the Nationals lost 7-5 in extra innings.

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