Are we encouraging pregorexic women?

by NeW Staff on March 3, 2010 · 0 comments

I’m in a baby mood. My dear friend is due any moment with her third and my giggles were not hidden when I received this text; “4 cm and growing... it’s gonna be soon!” I myself am years from delivering the next generation of toe-heads, yet today I can’t turn off my maternal calling.

No surprise my news drudge this morning brought me to Salon’s, “I’m pregnant, I’m fat and I hate it” headline. Kim Brooks’ tell-all relives her struggles with weight gain and loss and what society expects from women post-delivery. The question she grapples with? Are women under too much pressure to shed their excess baby weight, or not enough?

Between celebrity moms on People and a certain VS model hitting the runway mere months after baby, it is no wonder women fantasize about speedy weight loss. So how important is weight loss to women after birth? Should we actually be encouraging more late night tread mill runs?

Brooks chimes in:

The big, fat truth is that most mothers aren't going too far to shed their excess baby weight. We're not going far enough. Sixty-two percent of American women are overweight, and so for the majority of American women, excess, lingering baby-weight is a real problem: health-wise, self-esteem-wise, and otherwise.

There's a reason women are buying those "baby weight craze" tabloids; because in a world of stubborn belly fat and clinging cellulite, that fantasy is powerful.

I don’t know if I buy into “pregorexia” though. Part of having a baby is watching nature grow and shrink your body. Aside from the serious health concerns that come along with women being overweight, having a little extra left over may not be a bad idea.

NeW readers, this is a good one to weigh in on. What do you think? Is a little baby weight hurting anyone?

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