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Meet Sarah from George Washington University. Here are her responses to NeW's 9th Anniversary Countdown. SarahGWU What is your involvement with NeW? 
This year I will be serving as president of NeW at The George Washington University.
Why is NeW important to you?
NeW is important to me because it finally provides a network of conservative women on campus. A lot of women at my school are excited to be starting a NeW chapter because they will finally be a part of something that has a mission to support conservative women. I was drawn to start a NeW chapter because of the book club aspect. I believe having an academically modeled organization really fosters intellectual diversity on campus. I want each member to be informed about issues affecting women and be able to have conversations about these issues with others on campus.
What is your best NeW memory? 
My favorite memory since starting NeW is hosting a dessert party last week. Karin Agness, founder of NeW, stopped by to speak about the importance of the organization and about women's issues. It is my favorite memory because I was finally able to visualize how much of  an effect NeW would have on campus. Many underclassmen were eager to join, which made me very excited about the future of NeW on campus!
How are you celebrating NeW's anniversary? 
NeW at GWU will be hosting its first official meeting on the anniversary. We will be enjoying Georgetown Cupcakes in celebration. We are looking forward to having a great turnout. GWU women are excited to have NeW on campus!
Only 3 more days until NeW's 9th Anniversary on September 29th! How do you plan to celebrate? 

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