An Interesting Feminist Response to Palin

by NeW Staff on September 15, 2008 · 0 comments

My fabulous mother pointed me in the direction of this article published at last week. 

I had never read anything by Ms. Paglia but I found her writing very amusing. She offers some interesting critiques on Sen. Obama and some new insights into the strengths of Gov. Palin. Ms. Paglia addresses fears that Palin's religious beliefs will impact her legislative decisions, namely in the area of reproductive rights. 

I did find Paglia's opinions especially fascinating because she identifies herself as a libertarian, yet supports abortion, which she "[has] always frankly admitted... is murder". I would be so interested to talk to her about her opinion on the "No-Harm Principle". I love discovering opinions like Ms. Paglia's which aren't just repeating a party platform, but are actually intellectually challenging! 

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