An Incomplete Revolution?

by NeW Staff on February 24, 2010 · 0 comments

On Tuesday, February 23, 2010, Ellen Goodman, an esteemed columnist and Pulitzer Prize winner, spoke to Meredith College students, faculty, staff and community members.  Ellen Goodman approached the plate swinging.  There was no doubt what her political affiliation was, but that was to be expected (with the school’s long line of liberal speakers citing Nancy Pelosi as the pride and joy).  Her speech was almost entirely driven by the feminist agenda.  She mentioned several times “passing the baton”, and passing the baton to a generation of women who will complete the revolution that was left incomplete by an overzealous generation of women who just wanted too much.  After all, how can this generation live up to fighting for women’s equality, the sexual revolution, and widening career options?  

The question was asked, “If our generation is so unengaged and apathetic, are we ready to receive the baton?”  What does that even mean?  Our generation is “unengaged and apathetic.” But that is not the point.  Our generation in particular appears unwilling to participate in collective action to the previous generation.  Why?  Because they are the ones telling us that a gender gap still exists, that women need to not be stay-at-home moms, that women can do anything a man does and do it better.  Feminists claim that they want to help women and make things equal, but in reality they are the ones driving a wedge between the sexes.  Our generation, my generation, sees that there is nothing left to fight for.  The revolution that the feminists of the sexual revolution speak of is no more.  Men and women are different—Yes.  But women today have the right to vote like men and have access to the same education as men.  And women have the ability to do or be anything they choose—a mother, lawyer, baker, housewife, doctor, senator, you name it.  So as far as an incomplete revolution, I do not see it.

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