A Tea Party on the Plaza, Oh Dah-ling!

by NeW Staff on September 29, 2009 · 0 comments


In honor of NeW's 5th birthday, NeW at UF decided to make a statement... and ask people to talk back! We held a traditional tea party on a blanket in front of the Plaza of the Americas, a central lawn in front of the library. With parasols in hand, we invited passerbys to chat with us about women's issues (while enticing them with iced tea, cookies and muffins of course.) Our sign read, "Why has women's happiness been on the decline since 1972?"
All sorts of curious stares and responses ensued, but I think everyone walked away a little more enlightened. And I think that's what NeW is all about.
The goal of our tea on the lawn was to demonstrate our embrace of femininity and capacity to be an intellectual force on our campus. The ladies of NeW enjoy our tea time so much that we are having an all-out tea party at the home of our faculty adviser on Sunday afternoon. If you are in Gainesville, consider joining us to celebrate!

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