A Tea Party for NeW’s Birthday!

by NeW Staff on September 27, 2010 · 0 comments

In honor of NeW’s 6th anniversary, I thought I would write about what NeW has accomplished to challenge the stereotype of conservative women. For NeW’s birthday, ladies in NeW chapters are celebrating by holding tea parties. Now one might wonder how a tea party, a practice that emerged out of the Victorian era where women were oppressed, would *challenge* a false image of modern conservative women; so I will explain.

Since the beginning of her existence, women have wanted nothing more than sovereignty. From 14th century Chaucer’s The Wife of Bath’s Tale, to the 21st century film "What Women Want," one can find examples of women desiring independence.  All of them show that this independence - freedom to do as she desires – should not based on what others want her to do.

Tea parties once represented what a woman *should do* in proper society, but in today’s world, NeW ladies choose to hold tea parties because we, for lack of a better word, think they are fun. Many third wave feminists will scorn women who enjoy baking or dressing up, and this begs the question: if some women choose to bake because they enjoy the activity, should it be scorned? Alternatively, if some women choose to target shoot because they find it fun, should it be scorned? The answer to both is “no” and the reason is because women can do as they will, not because women should do a certain activity.

NeW has brought a brilliant thing to the world: we have thrown away the image of what women should do and replaced it with what women want to do. So I encourage you to celebrate NeW's anniversary by holding a tea party, not because you’re a woman or that it’s the proper thing to do, but because you think it’s fun.

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