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by NeW Staff on June 30, 2008 · 0 comments

One thing I love about NeW is how it always exceeds my expectations. This year’s national conference reaffirmed in my mind why I enjoy NeW so much: the gathering of like-minded women discussing important ideas, principles, and issues and developing NeW ways to think and effect change on our college campuses. Two years ago, when I first heard about NeW, I really don’t think I could have imagined how involved that I would become. I am including an excerpt from my speech at the conference that shows my initial skepticism, but I think now you can see that I’m so grateful for what has happened as a result…

“My staunchly conservative father listens to Laura Ingraham on the radio daily, and one morning, he heard Karin Agness talk about NeW on the show. He came home excited to tell me about a group that I just had to start at the University of Florida. I politely listened to him, but by the end of the conversation, I told my dad that I really didn’t know enough about politics to start something like that on my campus. In his wisdom, my dad said, ‘Holly, that’s the point. This is an opportunity for you and other conservative women on your campus to learn together about the issues that affect you most.’ He had a point. The University of Florida, a haven for liberal thought, lacked any sort of avenue for conservative women to discuss and learn about conservative principles.”

And good ole dad always knows best. NeW has become a great place to exchange ideas and information. It has broadened the intellectual diversity and the understanding of conservative principles on my campus. I hope you will consider how NeW could change your perspective on politics, conservatism, and women’s issues.

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