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by NeW Staff on November 30, 2009 · 0 comments

New Moon may still be topping box office sales, but The Blind Side has quickly gained momentum over Thanksgiving weekend.  What is interesting about The Blind Side is not the uniquely American story that unfolds, but rather the principles behind it: responsibility, personal decisions and faith.  The surge in attendance shows just how much these values mean to Americans, especially now in the current economic recession.

Townhall today, Star Parker introduces a unique perspective on increased popularity of The Blind Side.  She notes the movie,

"This story about hopelessness transformed into achievement should be atypically American story. We should be concerned that, increasingly, this is not the case. That this is the exception that should be the rule."

Parker goes even further, noting reasons why this story is not more commonplace.  She argues that the current plan to address the education crisis will not be effective.  Infusing more cash into an already broken system will not help struggling students like Oher once was.  Rather, she believes,

"School choice and traditional values are the answers. It's freedom, not bureaucrats, that produces miracles. Michael Oher may be an exceptional individual, but his story need not be an exceptional story."

What do you think? Does the answer lie with more government spending or with the freedom to choose your school?

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