A NeW Blue at UK

by NeW Staff on February 3, 2010 · 0 comments

If you are a college basketball fan, or  even just read sports headlines, then you've heard about the resurgence of the University of Kentucky basketball team this year.  The city of Lexington is all blue this winter.  However, the ball team isn't the only one in town turning heads.  There's also something NeW stirring up the campus.

Today, the NeW chapter at the University of Kentucky was featured in the campus paper, the Kentucky Kernel (yes, Kentuckians are still proud to be the home of fried chicken).  Since its formation this fall, NeW at UK has not wasted any time spreading their message on campus.  They've provided a new outlet for culturally conservative women and are talking about the issues not being addressed on campus.  UK NeW President Rachel expressed her vision for NeW on campus in the article:

“I believe that it is important to educate women about conservatism.  When I say conservatism, I am speaking more about being culturally conservative, as in respecting yourself, making responsible decisions and not only representing yourself well, but representing women well as a whole.  NeW is also a wonderful place to talk about issues that are going on around campus, such as the hook-up culture, peer pressure, etc.  Also, I really want to spread the new wave of feminism, which I strongly believe in … We believe that being a feminist does not exclude getting married or having children, and overall, we encourage expressing our femininity.”

Well-said Rachel!  I have enjoyed getting to know the leaders of NeW at UK and am excited to watch their continued growth.  Congrats to the entire NeW chapter at UK for being featured and providing a powerful voice for culturally conservative women on campus.  So the next time you turn on ESPN and see the UK basketball team dominating the court, remember, NeW women are also making waves on campus.

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