A memoir by the woman who walked away

by NeW Staff on February 5, 2010 · 0 comments

South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford releases her new book today. “Staying True” is the story of Sanford’s marriage to Gov. Mark Sanford and the difficult events of the past year, according to SC’s Sun News.

After the publically tearful recount of Gov. Sanford’s affair, Jenny Sanford is the one woman, in the series of public affairs in 2009, who chose not to stand by her husband. Sanford’s divorce will be finalized this month after she filed on the grounds of adultery last December.

So why does Sanford retell the story of their courtship (if you can even call it that), his draining campaigns, the birth of their four children and his late nights in Washington DC? She doesn’t need the money, most likely doesn’t want more publicity and isn’t planning on running for office herself. So why the memoir?

According to a Time Magazine review, Sanford’s book is not revenge, it is not the story of a scorned wife out to destroy her distraught ex-husband and it is not a tell-all with a media blitz in mind. No, Sanford’s story puts each unflattering revelation of the cheating, relentless and preoccupied Gov. in context.

Why exactly?

Maybe even though she ended her marriage she can’t walk away from defending her home and a public explanation is the best fix? Or maybe, it is just the best type of revenge- cool, calm and collected.

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