3 More Days Until the National Conference!

by Sarah on June 22, 2011 · 0 comments

NeW's Sixth Annual National Conference is rapidly approaching. It promises to be a day of education, socializing, and fun. I for one cannot wait! Here's another quote from Kate O'Beirne's book Women Who Make the World Worse. I hope it gives you something to think about today!
The sexual revolution feminists champion has been a disaster.  In popular women’s studies textbooks, girls are encouraged to believe sex is as meaningless as they assume it is to young men.  Now, thirty-year-old men can enjoy a perpetual adolescence of sex without consequences or commitment, and women despair of ever finding a marriageable mate.  “Bring back the date” is the plaintive appeal of college women who prefer romance and intimacy over the current campus regime of “hooking up”. (page 22)
This is an issue of utmost importance to NeW ladies, and an issue discussed often in our book clubs. What do you think? What has the feminist sexual revolution done to dating and relationships in college and in the young professional world?  

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