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Since last week I wrote about how important it is for women to vote in this recent election (and all others), I thought I would share some statistics from this November 2nd, 2010.

It has been reported that women and independent voters had the largest swing from the 2008 election. Below is the link:

Fox News Women & Independent Voters

So what does this mean for female voters?

For one, it shows that, just like most Americans this election, women voted against the policies our former House and Senate were passing.

One could argue that this is just how politics is and always will be – an ever-changing tide between political parties – but I think this election shows that trend to be different. It has only taken 2 years of our current President's policies to show that the his method of solving our economic crisis and other crises is not what America needs. People (especially women who are usually known to pay the household bills in a family setting) want responsible representatives balancing the budget.

The “180” that women voters did this election has also propelled them to stand up and speak out. We are hearing more from Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman, and other female conservative leaders on TV. It is also no secret that the Tea Party Movement – one of the most vocal movements in the past 30 years – is led mostly by women.

Rebecca Wales, a spokeswoman for Smart Girl Politics, says:

“For years, it has been the liberal women who have organized and been staunch grass-roots and policy advocates. No longer is it only the liberals. Conservative women have found their voices and are using them, actively and loudly.”

I think this election combined with female activism on TV and on the ground – more than anything - illustrates that women have found a well-heard voice in politics.

Could this be another breakthrough for women? Give me your thoughts.

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