100 Most Influential US Conservatives and Liberals

by NeW Staff on January 11, 2010 · 0 comments

Each day this week, Telegraph.co.uk will release a list of the top 20 conservatives and liberals in descending order.  This list was compiled by Telegraph.  Should be an interesting series to follow!  So just who will you find on these lists?

"Although there are many Republicans on the conservative list and many Democrats on the liberal list, not all 200 are aligned with a party. The key to inclusion was the term 'influence' – which people most affect American politics both in terms of ideas and the enactment of policy."

What is the criteria for inclusion? According to Telegraph,

"We have leant towards those likely to be most influential in the future rather than those whose careers and impact lie in the past. But historic contribution has in some cases edged out potential that might not be fulfilled."

Today marked day 1 of the lists, ranking 100-81 of US conservatives and liberals.  So who made the bottom fifth of each list?  Here are some highlights:

A Few Top Conservatives:
Number 95: Daughter of Vice President Liz Cheney
Number 91: Columnist and Pundit Peggy Noonan 
Number 90: Chairman of Family Research Council Tony Perkins
Number 84: Economist and Commentator Thomas Sowell

A Few Top Liberals:
Number 100: Senator John Edwards
Number 96: President Jimmy Carter
Number 92: Television Host Chris Matthews
Number 81: Senator Ben Nelson

Check out the full list and stay tuned, as NeW will report on the next 20 each day this week.  What do you think about some of these names or others mentioned in the list?  Do they deserve to be a top conservative or top liberal in your opinion? 

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